Anaphora is a type of poem where the first words or phrase repeat. It's one of the oldest forms of poetry, used by messengers to help them remember--and to create rhythm.
This poem was written by a young person all the way up in New York.

I believe the sky cries because of what it sees in us.
I believe complexities come to an end.
I believe change is necessary to exist.
I believe struggles don’t last forever.
It’s never too late to reveal yourself to the world.
I believe I can.

Excerpted from
9th Grade Bronx High School of Writing & Communication
From the Community Word Project

Today, we'll write an anaphora about community--I can't wait to see what you have to say!

Wow, I'm so excited to be working with all three fifth grade classes at Isaac Dickson on the Writing to Change the World Program. We will have so much fun this year--we'll explore writing in ways that will probably be very new to you. We'll write and record radio essays that will be broadcast in Asheville. Finally, we'll take to the stage and present our ideas for bettering our world during the TEDxyouth@isaacdickson 2012. We'll be working with lots of people during the year, including Maryedith Burrell, who will teach us lots of cool techniques for making the best presentations we can--and have fun while doing them.

But, first things first...We need to introduce ourselves to each other. Let's get started with a poem by Charles Smith Jr.

                  Allow Me to Introduce Myself

                                     By Charles R. Smith Jr.

They call me

the show stopper

the dime dropper

the spin-move-to-the-left

reverse jam poppa

the high flier

on the high wire.

The intense rim-rattlin’



The net-shaker

the back board breaker


of the funky dunk


The Man

Sir Slam

The Legend

I be.

That’s just

a few of the names

they call me.