Last week, we developed a community word bank--and deposited lots of wonderful texture words, verbs, great sound words and words we simply liked for their meanings. Each student then chose 12 of those words to create a poetry line. After, we  worked in groups to create stanzas for a community poem about community! We'll be doing some more group work this week--and getting down some community agreements about our creative community efforts (whew! That's alot of community). One question I was asked several times was whether or not the poetry line or the stanza had to "make sense." That's an interesting question because sometimes writing can make sense if it's used in one form of writing, like poetry, when it wouldn't in another form of writing. Our goal with these stanzas was to use our right brains, fun words, and a sense of playfulness. Each line and each stanza makes its own sense--

Here's the first draft of the 5th grade Community is...Poem

Community is soft, light, warm, giggly and funky.
Community is squishy candy, bouncy snow and boomy bacon
Community is like furry bacon that will run from a gum bow that is eating a bazooka.
Community is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, soft, chunky, run, skip.
Community is extreme.

Community is crispy, splattery, full of strudle, sleep, alchemists, falafel, love and very gooey hypostradamophus.
Community is a zombie hypostradophus slicing bwasome falafel bacon licking strudels.
Community is a squishy fly blinking suspiciously at the alchemist on the elevator eating gooey caramel.
Community is flying zombies punching slimy bacon.

Community is a crash of slimy zombie.
Community is rough and suspicious
Community is soft, gooey, melancholy falafel type bwasome elevator kind of hypostradompus eathing and licking thing that pits.
Community is a gooey cake that likes to kick caramel.
Community is a flying sliced crispy squishy slimy scaly bacon.

Community is a sticky, slimy, gooey and squishy torpedo.
Community is fluffy, slimy, gooey, and doodle strudel foop.
Community is a hard running grody bacon zombie torpedo.
Community is a hypostradompus that is eating bacon while getting pit by a zombie that bwasome and fluffy, that is licking a falafel.
Community is a zombie torpedo.

Community is people playing, jumping, running, rock smooth and crispy.
Community is squishy writing sports with caramel and falafel!!
Community is a crispy, rocky alchemist licking the squishy escalator.
Community is a grody deli-meat bacon caramel slimy fluffy clock.

Community is smooth and sometimes lumpy.
Community is rich and dark, like chocolate.
Community is writing.
Community is Lego
Community is pizza!!!!!!

Community is no guilty sprinting soccer players
Community is hockey.
Community is baseball.
Community is wobbly bumbly waterfall running chocolate.
Community is a big LEAP!

Community is as sweet as chocolate
Community is a gooey snicker doodle stuck together
Community is a sticky chocolate rainbow
Community is like wet open pizza!!!!
Community is shining

Community is a rainbow
Community is a waterfall!!!
Community is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious volleyball
Community is talking.
Community is being a BFF. I love my BFF as a sister. Me and her loves running. I like
my BFF and she likes me.

Community is fluffy and soft
Community is flabbergasted with goo.
Community is fluffy pineapples falling like chunky snow through the gooey Mississippi crisp bacon river.
Community is a warm cozy home welcome to all, even if you fly or are from Mississippi.
Community is jabberwocky and wet!!

Community is flabbergasted with gooey EPIC combs.
Community is jumping, bouncy balls exploding like pineapple flavored bazooka candy.
Community is flubbery squishy bacon exploding and dying while pineapple backflipped over crisp light and defeated the hairy, funky pistachio.
Community is soft, warm, sour pineapple with wet funky bacon.

Community is boomy like a bazooka.
Community is like sour wet furry gumbo.
Community is fluffy like mustaches.
Community is a jumbo sized group warm and cozy mingling and giggling.
Community is extreme like gumbo backflipping funky.
Community is soft, fluffy, bouncy, chunky, slippery squish, gooey, funky, smooth,
warm and wet.