Good Words!


The brown bag lunches with topic mentors are going so well--if you haven't had your chance yet--be patient. I am lining up someone for each of you to talk to--some in groups--and it will happen.
Still waiting to hear back from topic mentor possibilities re:
  • Autism,
  • impact of littering on wildlife and environment,
  • Haiti
  • Better school lunch
Looking for topic mentors on:
  • Renters rights
  • Animal rights re: dolphins and sharks that are killed for food
  • Exotic pets

Everyone who has come in to eat lunch with a student to help them explore their topic has had wonderful words to share--

C____and B____ are already making a difference in the world. I'm honored and thrilled to be involved in this incredibly special process for them. My heart sings knowing our time together will culminate for them to publically hold their torches even higher! I am inspired by their commitment!
Cathy Williams, Mother Hen Project

Had a great time with the kids!  I enjoyed it immensely!! 
Val Kula, Education volunteer with Animal Compassion Network

I thought it was great... If I did my job, we'll have potential  new climatologists in a few decades! The kids were great.  Thank you for allowing me the chance to speak and meet with them.
Jenny Dissen, Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites

Really impressive young people..
Monroe Gilmour Western North Carolina Citizens for an End to Insitutional


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