Community is... a garden of friendship and power

 swaying across the soft and moist world.

Community is... a garden of friends,

Community is... a strong punch!

Community is... ants, helping anyone

and playing with family.

Community is... friendly, chocolate, cable

friends, smooth and sleep.


Community is... the favorite word

of Mr. Grimy who went to sleep

on a smushy electricity plant and

poured frappucino on his face.

Community is... playing in the garden.

Community is... chickens choke

Poseidon extra smooth in France.

Community is... sticky and people had to work hard.

But something working

in a community can be grimy but you do it anyway

to save the world.

Community is... smushy, soft dance, savers are people

such as spiderman.

Community is... hens in a coop that are laying eggs.

Community is... people helping France fly

frappucino and chocolate run!!!!

Community is... where Octopus chases Thor

to France with his strong power.


Community is... squishy and slimy

calming down with chocolate, grimy, frappucino

Community is... slimy chickens that Thor

smoothed out with a caffeine choked hawk

In the city while prancing open mushy chocolate

watching cable.

Community is... sticky electricity

swaying and bouncing towards the lumpy

Smushy city springing  toward the diving goo

with its grimy strut.

Community is... slimy caffeine

flying into chocolate that’s inside a frappucino.

Community is... diving with friends

Friends is also playing and dancing together.

Community is... a big garden, city, family, dancing

and playing together.

Community is... bumpy people eating chocolate in France.

 Community is... cars and flying, thanings

Ants, hawk.

Community is... play together

Doctor sway


The end.


9/23/2010 11:00:55 pm

Stanzas=Little rooms

10/14/2010 05:41:30 am

These are great I love them!

11/3/2010 07:03:36 am

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