Hooray! Ms.Kyles class has been approved for a TEDxyouth event! Here's the letter from the director--we'll be talking about the process--

Congratulations! I've approved your TEDx event and granted your TEDx license -- you are officially a TEDx organizer! The TED team and I are thrilled to have you aboard the TEDx program.

This license permits you to organize one (1) TEDx event within the next 12 months. After your event, you'll have the remainder of the 12 months to apply to renew your license for the name you've selected, after which the name will be made available for use by other organizers.

Your event:TEDxYouth@IsaacDickson

Your event date: Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your event type: Youth

Your next steps:

1. Confirm that the information on your event profile is correct. The following items should be updated immediately, and whenever they change:

  - Event date

  - Ticket price

  - Related websites/links

  - Your webcast URL (if you will provide a webcast)

(Update your event profile by signing in to your TED.com member profile first, clicking "My TEDx Events" at the top of the page, and clicking the "Edit event details" link.)

2. Register domain names and social media handles based on your event's name (Note: They must match your event's name exactly)

3. Read through the rules

4. Read our guide to designing an event

5. Write about your event on the TEDx blog. Consider appointing an official “Storyteller” to your team, and have them share stories before, during and after your event. (You will need to be added as a contributor to the TEDx blog in order to post. You will receive a separate email shortly with instructions on how to contribute)

Important notes:

  - Before you contact any potential sponsors, review our sponsorship rules, and fill out this form

  - Keep me updated as your event takes shape. If you decide to cancel your event and withdraw your license, notify me as soon as possible -- and be sure to cancel any domain names you've registered.

  - If you want to change your event date, first review other TEDx events happening in your city, and make sure there is no conflict. If there might be a conflict, reach out to the other organizer and work it out.


After your event:

Be aware that you're required to do a few things after your event is over:

  - Complete your event profile by adding highlights from your event

  - Fill out the official organizer feedback form

  - Email your guests the official attendee questionnaire

  - Upload your photos to Flickr and tag them "TEDx"

  - Post videos of your live speakers to the TEDx YouTube Channel

  - If speakers presented in a language other than English, translate at least one of your talks using dotSUB

Community resources:

- The TEDx Community Wiki (you'll be invited shortly)

- The TEDx Licensees Google Group (apply for membership using a Google account)

- The TEDx Facebook Page (please “Like” this page)

- The TEDx Twitter account (please follow this account)

I'm excited to have you with us on this amazing journey. To help you along, I've attached three documents:

  - TEDx Toolkit: TED's own event-design tips, gleaned from 25 years of organizing the TED conference

  - TEDx Branding Guidelines: How to create your event's TEDx logo

  - TEDx Sponsorship Deck: A sample PowerPoint presentation to use when approaching potential sponsors

The TED team and I look forward to watching your TEDx event take shape!


Lara Stein

Director, TEDx